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April 21, 2011
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The rain seeped into her eyes, dripped from her bangs. The moisture only made the game all the more difficult. Visibility was limited to only a few yards ahead. Sahara crept on bare feet between the soggy trees. The only sound she could hear was the rain pounding the ground softly, turning it to mulch between her toes.
She wiped her face with the back of her free hand, clearing her eyes for a second before they filled up with extra water once more. Sahara let out a huff and adjusted the semi-automatic machine gun on her shoulder. She couldn't sense anyone in the vicinity.
"Dead end," she muttered before moving on.
Time passed slowly as the girl passed among the dark shapes of vegetation like a wraith. Everything was so quiet, she felt like she was in a dream. A very cold and wet dream. She was only aware of the clock ticking in her head and the silhouettes in front of her. Then something made her stop moving. Some sound, different from the rest of the hushed world around her, warned her of something bad coming her way.
Behind you, the voice inside her head cautioned her. He's coming up behind you.
Sahara twisted and pulled the gun into her hands in one smooth movement, her eyes scanning the darkness around her. "There you are," she whispered, spotting the profile of a human molded against one of the trees. She shot a round at it, splitting the air with the noise. She cleared her eyes with a wrist and saw that the person had moved, if she hadn't shot him. Moving forwards carefully, she saw that there was no one there. Hearing a sound to her right, she swung her head towards it and pointed the gun in the same direction. The person stepped forwards, gripping his left arm, proving she had at least shot him. But when she looked up to see who it was she had shot, she let out a gasp, the gunpoint dropping towards the ground.
"Hey, Sahara." His grin was easy, his white teeth a drastic color against his pitch-black skin.
Sahara's eyes were wide, her pupils pinpoints in the bright orange of her iris. "No. No, no, no. It can't be you. Please, no."
Shadow's lips fell to a grimace. "You hit the target, Sahara. Good job."
"No! I can't kill you!" she was pleading, taking a pace forwards.
Shadow fell back a step. "You know the rules, love. If you don't kill me, they'll kill us both."
"I can't. I can't do this to you." Tears meshed with the raindrops on her cheeks.
"Sahara!" She flinched at his tone. "You have to! So point that goddamn gun at me!"
"No, no, no," she groaned, but followed his instruction.
"You're so infuriating," he smiled. "But that's one of the reasons I love you."
She sobbed, "How? How can you love me? I'm your killer."
"Yet I love you all the same." Shadow looked deep into her eyes. "I'm only one of the stepping stones to fulfill your future. You know that as much as I do." She tilted her head slightly as she closed her eyes in pain. "Do it now, Sahara. Pull the trigger."
"I love you, Shadow!" she screamed above the sound of the bullet ripping through his heart. The gun dropped the same time his lifeless body did. Sahara looked down at the body of her lover, black as midnight. She knelt at his side, pressing kisses to his dead lips and face. With every kiss, she painted a stripe of his blood on her face, making a mask of anger. Soon enough, she had his blood on every inch of her bare skin. She growled and tore one of the metal studs from his throat, the biggest one she could find, along with several dozen strands of his hair. Making a chain with his tresses, she attached the stud to it and tied it around her neck.
"I will never forget you, Shadow. I will have my vengeance on this planet and the evil people who live here. They have no right to control my life like they did yours. I will have my vengeance," she repeated and closed his eyes with her fingertips. When she stood, she held onto the machine gun with a metal grip. She turned her head and her face was the image of fury. Her eyes glowed with an inner light. "I will have my vengeance!"
So I've been rewriting Soulwrecked tuh-duh! Here's the death scene of Sahara's beloved, Shadow.

Did you know his real name is Zaraph? Well, now you know.
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A good read, but it seemed too fast-paced. Slow it down a bit, add more description/details. More emotions. :aww:
HAHAHA! I love having sneak peaks. :) Still love it. Still get Jalard. ;)
Want some chocolate? XD
HotBloodedFemale Apr 21, 2011
I like it a lot ^^ though if you add in more description you may convey the emotions more strongly and it won't seem rushed. But it's got a good thing going about it - nice to see you posting something.
Yeah, well. :P It was kinda rushed. Creative Writing Assignment and all.
HotBloodedFemale Apr 21, 2011
It was just a tip ^^
I know. :) It's been way too long since I'd even thought about his death scene. O.O
HotBloodedFemale Apr 21, 2011
Death scenes are very sad to think on :(
Very. And I have so many I have to rewrite for Soulwrecked... :P
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